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Data Security Compliance and Regulatory Solutions for Banking and Financial Services

The lifeblood of a banking or financial services firm is data. And this financial and banking data includes customer financials and account information, cardholder data and transactions and non-public personal information. Almost all the data generated or used by a financial services firm, is regulated, potentially sensitive or private.

The data security compliance and regulation challenges alone are daunting for banking or financial services firms. Data-at-rest security requirements are found within PCI DSS requirements for credit card related information, GLBA, SOX/J-SOX, NCUA, data privacy and data residency laws, and even the USA Patriot Act. Each data security requirement adds to the need to protect sensitive data wherever it resides. In addition, banking and financial services organizations must meet the additional data security concerns that result from normal operations:

  • Safeguarding critical financial data from data breaches with maximum return and minimum risk.
  • Adjusting security postures as external attacks on financial infrastructure and online properties increase and change.
  • Meeting the need to protect from the traditional concerns with insiders and privileged users, while also dealing with the additional hazards that compromise of these accounts may bring.

Vormetric helps financial services and banking customers to meet the global and industry regulatory compliance requirements associated with the industry for data-at-rest, while also providing extended protections for data. The solution includes encryption, key management and access control, and helps organizations meet needs for PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, Basel, data-residency, NCUA, US state and federal data breach laws, data-breach, database, breach-disclosure, cloud, structured-data, global-regulatory-compliance, financial-disclosure, mas-trm, big-data, database data-residency, data-privacy, access-control, clouddata-privacy, data-security, encryption, compliance, unstructured-data regulatory, saas, breach-disclosure, data-monitoring and more.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform is a data security solution with a common, extensible platform to meet critical banking and financial services compliance requirements, regulatory and sensitive data-at-rest security needs:

  • Single framework for data-at-rest security
    A common, extensible infrastructure that protects data at the file system or volume level, as well as within databases and files, regardless of the environment. Traditional data centers, virtual environments, private-public-hybrid clouds or big-data implementations are all supported with common policy control, agents and management infrastructure sets. The result – low total cost of ownership, as well as simple, efficient deployment and operation.
  • Meet global compliance requirements and regulatory standards for Banking and Financial Services
    With Vormetric, meet data-at-rest security requirements for the banking industry compliance and regulatory standards while protecting information from data breaches with this single solution to multiple needs, across enterprise, cloud and big data environments.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption provides file and volume level data-at-rest encryption, secure key management and access controls required by regulation and compliance regimes. Data access monitoring information provides another level of security from malicious insiders, privileged users, and attacks that compromise accounts — delivering the access pattern information that can identify an incident in progress.

Vormetric Application Encryption enables banking and financial organizations to easily build encryption capabilities into internal applications at the field and column level.

Vormetric Key Management enables centralized management of encryption keys for other environments and devices including KMIP compatible hardware, Oracle and SQL Server TDE master keys and digital certificates.

Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Masking lets administrators establish policies to return an entire field tokenized or dynamically mask parts of a field. With the solution’s format-preserving tokenization capabilities, managers can restrict access to sensitive assets, yet at the same time, format the protected data in a way that enables many users to do their jobs.


Complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) Requirements with DataStax and Vormetric

Complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS) Requirements with DataStax and Vormetric

Merchants and organizations expect the underlying database to be highly secure and in compliance, as sensitive cardholder...

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Vormetric Data Security Architecture

Vormetric on cybersecurity

The Vormetric Data Security Architecture white paper provides an understanding of the architectural underpinning of Vormetric Data Security... 

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  Security of our customers' information is our highest concern. Our technology is used by the nation's leading mortgage and real-estate companies that collectively originated 40% of all mortgages last year. Security and reliability are paramount, since we are protecting their customer relationships, as well as our own. 

Dale Pickford,
CIO, Ocwen

  Vormetric Data Security is quick and easy to administer while having negligible impact on performance; it’s the perfect solution for meeting PCI DSS requirements. 

Daryl Belfry,
Director of IT TAB Bank

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